Road Traffic Accident

You arrive at the scene of a road traffic accident. You are the first person on the scene with any medical skills.

On initial assessment you notice there are two cars involved. One vehicle has caught fire with the other vehicle ten metres away with significant damage to the drivers side.

All the passengers have moved from the scene. The injured people present you with the following signs and symptoms. Tick which priority you would assign to the casualties:


Female 30, lying on the ground with visible bruising to forehead. RR28, pulse 92.


Male 27, walking around with burns on his arms, crying and asking for help. RR27, CRT 1 second.


Male 50, lying on the ground. Breathing with gasping sounds. RR8, with Pulse 142. Groaning occasionally.


Female 20, lying on the ground. Some soot around face and asking for help in a croaky voice. RR 22, CRT 1.


Male 30, standing next to and comforting casualty number four. RR20 pulse 92.

  • CRT   Capillary Refill Time
  • RR     Respiratory Rate
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