Building Collapse

Your vehicle is tasked to response to a building collapse. Early information indicates one of the floors is used as a nursery.

When you arrive on scene two units are already working and the interim scene commander asks you to take your Smart Triage Pack and triage a group of casualties which have been rescued from the building by the fire service.

The casualties present with the following signs and symptoms.

Tick which priority you would assign to the casualties:


68cm Female child, moving arms and kicking, looks at you. Small cut to the head RR 27, CRT 2 seconds, Pulse 170 bpm


152cm Male Child, unable to walk due to lower leg injuries. Alert and responsive. RR 18, CRT 1 second, Pulse 100


17 year old male, not walking, impaled object in abdomen. Responds to voice. RR 42, Pulse 136, CRT 3


20 year old female, not walking, fractured left arm. Alert and responsive. RR 22, Pulse 96, CRT 1 second


132 male child, open abdominal wound. CRT 1 second, RR 37, Pulse 166


32 year old female, not walking, closed head injury. Unconscious. No respirations after positioning airway


50 year old male, walking, lacerated hands and arm. Alert and responsive. Respiratory rate 25, CRT 1 second


87cm Female Child, Laying with parents, crying but looks at you. Obvious fracture to lower right leg. CRT 1 second, RR 24, Pulse 140

  • CRT   Capillary Refill Time
  • RR     Respiratory Rate
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