A dynamic, high visibility triage tag.


Clearly documenting contaminated casualties


Providing evidence based triage for injured children

SMART Triage Pac™

The ultimate practical solution to effective on scene triage

SMART Medic Pack™

The compact practical solution to on scene triage.

SMART Education Pack

Complete resource for running an M.C.I. Class

The SMART Triage Pac™ holds all the tools you need to carry out triage.

Compatible with START, Sieve and many other triage assessment methods, the SMART Triage Pac™ is useable by responders of any level.

The SMART Triage Pac™ contains 20 SMART MIST Tags™, the SMART Tape™, Light sticks for identifying casualties at night and it will fit over any duty belt.

By holding the key triage equipment for front line personnel it initiates a systematic and thorough response to the scene, which has proven invaluable in enhanced crisis control.

The SMART Triage Pac™ has been used by the British military since 2000 and has seen service in Afghanistan & Iraq. The SMART Traige Pac has been used by the US Marines and the Norwegian army, See what our customers have to say.

"SMART equipment has been used successfully and extensively by the UK Defence Medical Services in recent operations"

Colonel T Hodgetts QHP OStJ MB BS MMEd FRCP FFAEM FIMCRSCSEd FRGS L/RAMC, Specialist Pre Hospital Advisor to the British Army, 2008

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Why SMART Triage Pac™?
  • Compact design for easy storage
  • Contains all you need for rapid effective triage
  • Belt pack leaves your hands free
  • Re-supply packs available

* All images showing casualties are simulated

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