Complete grab bag to respond rapidly with all the resources required

SMART Commander™

Allows for an efficient, structured management response

SMART Triage Pac™

The ultimate practical solution to effective on scene triage

SMART Medic Pack™

The compact practical solution to on scene triage.

The SMART MCI Bag™ gives a complete grab bag to respond rapidly with all the resources required to manage a mass casualty event.

Containing 4 SMART Triage Pac™s and 1 SMART Commander, the SMART MCI Bag will provide the supervisor with Triage for 80 casualties, a command and control structure and space to store additional MCI response equipment (not supplied).

The SMART MCI Bag™ is the ideal resource to resupply an on-going incident or set up a medical command post at a field hospital or dressing station.

The SMART MCI Bag™ has also been adopted by many Emergency Departments as their frontline response to triage when receiving casualties from a large scale event.

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  • A complete grab bag with 4 SMART Triage Pac™s and a SMART Commander™
  • Ideal for the dressing station or field hospital
  • Provides triage for up to 80 casualties
  • A complete mobile triage centre

* All images showing casualties are simulated

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