Our Values

Our fundamental belief is that equipment must be fit for purpose.

All too often in our professional lives as a military medic, police officer and customer ourselves and in personal lives as a rock climber, skier, Mountain Biker and as parents we have been let down by inferior products and poor service. We are determined that our customers will not be let down or disappointed by our products or services.

In the challenging situations our customers face on a daily basis we know that the right product can make a small but significant difference which can make the care givers role a whole lot easier, ultimately allowing for better care of the patient.

Our products have evolved from customer feedback and personal experience. Customers often come to us with suggestions, we listen to these very seriously and try to incorporate them into our product design when possible. At the end of the day we are in business to make our customer's lives easier, we provide solutions to your problems and you are the expert in what you do, we listen to you.

It is our constant endeavour to offer you a superior service and world-class products that make a positive difference on the outcome of the casualty.

Supporting the bigger picture and recognising the massive sacrifice our emergency services and armed forces make for us we are proud to support the following charities.

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